A few weeks ago, I hosted a College Senior Combine for all draft eligible specialists.  This was the first year for my event.  I had retired NFL punter Darren Bennett and retired NFL snapper Mitch Palmer help coach and evaluate at the combine.

Our goal was to provide a weekend event where we could share our experiences of actually playing in the NFL, so that these athletes would have a better understanding of what it takes and how to prepare for the next level.

It started on a Friday evening with a meeting with current NFL agent Jill McBride Baxter and Sport Psychologist Dr. Jeff Jones.  Jill is one of the most respected agents and the NFL and Dr. Jones is a very well respected sport psychologist who has worked with professional athletes as well as olympians.

Written by Husted Kicking's Brady Beeson

The 2013 high school football season proved to be another solid outing for National Camp Series (NCS) students around then nation. The goal of NCS is to help young specialists grow and improve in their unique crafts, and this year the proof was in the pudding. 

NCS not only allows specialists to be ranked through the KIX Ranking System, but also the opportunity to work with the best coaches available.

By Husted Kicking's Brady Beeson

High school kicking can in many ways be like the game of chess – you wait for your opportunity (as long as that may be), and you either capitalize or you fail. Many coaches rely on the “four down territory” strategy, some naturally lack confidence in kickers, and some have such a potent offense that there is only a need for extra points. Regardless, a kicker will have no control over these issues, and one can only wait for their chance to shine.

Retired NFL kicker Michael Husted and free agent kicker Brady Beeson - also a coach at Husted Kicking, will be hosting an evaluation event in Minnesota for the top specialists in the area. 

Kickers, punters and long snappers will be given the opportunity on Saturday, December 21st, 2013, to showcase their skills, and see where they stand amongst the top Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa talent. With the camp being held at the state of the art Dane Family Dome at Shattuck/St.

Husted Kicking Interviews Photographer Daniel DeMoss

Husted Kicking: Would you tell us about your professional background in photography, and in particular "sports photography" or "action photography."

Daniel DeMoss: Yes….I was a friend of Michael Husted before I began to shoot for him.  Mike and I were out to dinner and I brought up my interests in shooting for him at one of his kicking camps.

Sport Psychologist, Dr. Jeffrey Jones is part of Husted Kicking’s California Kicking Experience team.

He has been a licensed psychologist in California for over 20 years and a AASP “Certified Consultant” in Sport Psychology since 1999.

In this in-depth interview, Dr. Jones talks about the many intricacies of sport psychology and being sport psychologist.

Interview with Sport Psychologist, Dr.

Autistic Kicker Anthony Starego with Father Ray Starego

Midway through the 2012 football season, Brick Township, New Jersey “senior” Anthony Starego, who is autistic, finally was made a starting placekicker for the Dragons, Brick’s varsity football team.  But as the season came to a close, so did Anthony’s eligibility to play for his high school team.

Husted Kicking Interviews Billy Cundiff About Kicking For The Dream

This week Husted Kicking interviewed Billy Cundiff about Kicking For The Dream, his project designed to unite kickers to help beat ovarian cancer. 

Cundiff, who is the kicker for the Cleveland Browns, has been an NFL kicker for over 10 years for teams such as the Cowboys, Saints, Ravens and Redskins.

I am not surprised that Harvard Rugland aka Kickalicious is having a successful training camp given the professional quality he had while he was training out here in San Diego with me.

If you're a fan of the kicking game in football, you undoubtedly have heard of Havard Rugland.  Havard is from Norway and he initially gained popularity by posting a video on YouTube.  His video was filmed in Norway and was a compilation of random kicks from all over.

By Brady Beeson

Student athletes go through their careers, creating stories, good and bad, that not only make marks on them as athletes, but individuals as well. Athletes go through experiences on and off the field that make them stronger, perhaps weaker, but at the very least, more aware.

As a kicking coach, I have the pleasure of meeting kids nationally, as well as locally in Minnesota that have an impact on my life forever.